Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I forgot I lived here.

Every time I arrive in Leiden and walk around her streets at night she seems to have gotten more beautiful. Which I guess means he can't be a woman, because let's face it, only men get more attractive with age.

No, but seriously now. I love this city so much. Though I think back with a smile of the two places I didn't report back to you about yet.

Place #1 I didn't report back to you about yet.


Slushy water and snow. Seaside Arendal and Antarctica are difficult to differentiate, so I'm not sure which one I visited but either way, it was pretty awesome. Suzanne and Tiago were great hosts. I'd met Suzanne a long time ago in Rotterdam and had answered her pleas for people to come visit her little nowhere house.

She even tought me how to make snowshoes! HOLY SHAZITBALLS!

This is a useful skill in places where you have snow up to your waist or further.

Place #2 I didn't report back to you about yet.


I don't think I've ever been so lucky with my couchsearches before. I did a "logged in last 24 hours / Couch on definitely" search for Stavanger, a place about 100 kilometers from my airport, and got two people. I checked the profile of the first of the two, and found some things that looked familiar.
On the left my profile with an FAQ that mocks itself and myself, on the right my Stavanger host's profile with an interview of herself.

( Yes since FAQ is pronounced "effaycue" and not "fack"it takes "an")
I decided to skip the boring typical request and wrote a long spirited piece of literature that should surely be published.
Before I had even finished a couch request to the other guy that showed up in the search I had a text message saying that her housemate was now afraid of her and my arrival because upon reading my request and my profile she had lauged so hard that he was now convinced she was a maniac. (He was, of course, right about this).

Upon my arrival I was shown into my own midget-sized room. (no, really, the door was 1 meter high. Even my pygmy ex-girlfriend wouldn't have fit through there without bending.)
I was shown around by Martina in beautiful Stavanger, and hiked round bunkers. I was introduced to some literature which I mocked fittingly as I clenched Maddox' Alphabet of Manliness and cried inside.

It was with mixed feelings that I hit the road to the aiport after three nights. (Aw! I wanna stay in awesome-land. / Yay, the open road!). But it was a fine road with a few islands, seperated by tunnels and a ferry, and a few hours later and a few hours before the plane left I was dropped off ata 3 kilomter walk from the airport.

That night I stayed with Dave again in Bremen, and spent an awesome weekend camping at Carel's in Rotterdam, before finally finding my way home to Leiden and having to accept the extreme bankrupcy that will keep me stranded here for a while to come.

Luckily spring and summer are couchsurfing hightimes, so I'm sure I won't be bored.

More pictures of Arendal & Stavanger