Thursday, February 4, 2010

Turn this damn boat around!

A two-bit wrecking crew!

Do these look like reliable sailors to you? Well, They're not. One of them promotes smugglars to high ranked positions, another one is a smuggler, and the last one has illigitimate children that murder captains. Or something.

Murder Mystery Game second edition, where people get to dress up awesomely (this time it was set on a Cruise Ship in 1918) and try to achieve a set of goals by manipulating the other characters. The best thing about it though, is seeing Jonas dress up the best of all.

Maximilian von Grafenberg, German procurement minister

This blogpost is brought to you from Bremen 6 hours before my plane leaves to Tampere in Finland. And so I will try to take you through some events quickly.

Berlin Beach Camp: The reunion

In June I wrote to you about Berlin Beach Camp, Europe's biggest CS meet, and as is often the case, some of the people were so awesome I had to come back and hit them hard on the head with a blunt, sorry, soft object.

"Für die Niederlande, verdammter Deutscher!"

I went to meet Oeyvind, Ivan and Ingre for a little reunion, and it just happened to be International pillowfight day, and it went los at the Reichstag. I also lost my wallet in a bar, and shit was basically right down ANNOYING. But hey I got home alright WITH a visit to Ulf and Mailys (Courtesy of these awesome erasmus students, who dropped me off in Köln) , the former of which had just moved to a place that basically put the Kölner Dom in his backyard. Seeing them is just what I needed since I could count on them to host me AND I went out to dinner with them to Vapiano!

Shit yeah

More Pictures of this

Also I had four awesome CouchSurfers who all managed to find a place right before I left.

Christine in some of my getup for the Murder Mystery

Now I'm wrapping this up so I can get maybe one or two hours of sleep!

Look out for the next blog post!

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