Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You're about to learn a new word

Today's word: Fennoscandian

Fennoscandian is the name for the trip I'm taking. This is a word invented for all the sourpusses in Fennoscandia who don't want Finland referred to as Scandinavia. Of course everyone outside Fennoscandia knows that if your flag had a cross on it, centered slightly left on the flag's horizon, your ass is scandinavian.

Suck on that, Fins (not to mention Iceland )

I set out to hitchhike to Bremen, which is a lovely city and where my host Dave was generally funny. I'd met him in Budapest, but not really met him. You know how it goes, meeting people in passing. But he turned out be awesome, and he has good taste in women. (I am totally stealing his girlfriend, you guys, but don't tell him!)

And also they have this Dom thingy... yeaaaah

And then I flew to Tampere, hitched straight down to Helsinki to meet my harem.

Pirianna and Emilia to my left and right, both were au pairs in my home town of Dordrecht when I go to know them.

I spent about a week discovering that the Fins are a pretty boring people, or as the riddle goes:

"How do you recognize an extrovert Fin?" "They stare at your shoes."

Though it was pretty neat that in one day I saw more snow than I did in the rest of my life, and that I could walk on the sea.
Mmmmm... soft

"When do we get to the sea?"
"You're standing on it."

Unfortunately I had to take my flight back to Bremen then, which of course meant going home, since I wasn't about to hitchhike back up into Fennoscandia in -10 centigrade.


So, of course, I hitchhiked up to Stockholm, because the only home I have is the road. It took me three days to get to Stockholm for one reason, and one alone: Some hitchhiking places in Sweden suck. It took me a while to realise that in Scandinavia on-ramps with your thumb out are actually better than their gas stations which are often at least a km from the highway, small, and frequented by locals, not long-distance drivers.

The first day of the hitch up was really lucky. Even though it ook me 3 or 4 hours to get out of Bremen, right before Kiel I met Jørg. Jørg was a german from Dortmund, moving to Sortland, up north in Norway (Yeah, it's pretty far up). He had all his stuff with him and he was taking the ferry from Kiel to Gøteborg, and since he was paying the same amount regardless of the amount of people in his car, he had no problem taking me along.

My free bed on the right. Jørg on his on the left.

The next day, the ferry docked at 9 and by 9 30 we were on our way North, where I got stuck for a long time before moving on to Karlstad, where I pulled some strings to stay a night with Elina's boyfriend's friend's neighbor. (Elina being my host in Stockholm, whom I hadn't met yet, technically making Marion Carel's friend's boyfriend's friend's neighbor. Then of course true to my nature, I left the very instrument used for the pulling of aforementioned strings (read: my phone) in Karlstad.

Noooo, Phony!

So after a romantic 5 days in Stockholm, I ha to pick up my phone again and finally go home. No way was I going to find an excuse to spend even more time in a meter of snow.

A few reasons to spend more time in a meter of snow

See old friends
Karlstad is the direction of Norway, so... 3 A flight from Haugesund to Bremen is only 160 NOK (20 Euros)

It was thusly that I arrived in...


Yes, I was there for about 14 hours, before I hitchhiked to Suzanne's in Arendal, where she lives basically in the middle of nowhere. No, really look at google maps, there's nothing around...

Ok, that was the wrong link. This should clear it up.

More fennoscandian pictures

Surfer of Couches

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Turn this damn boat around!

A two-bit wrecking crew!

Do these look like reliable sailors to you? Well, They're not. One of them promotes smugglars to high ranked positions, another one is a smuggler, and the last one has illigitimate children that murder captains. Or something.

Murder Mystery Game second edition, where people get to dress up awesomely (this time it was set on a Cruise Ship in 1918) and try to achieve a set of goals by manipulating the other characters. The best thing about it though, is seeing Jonas dress up the best of all.

Maximilian von Grafenberg, German procurement minister

This blogpost is brought to you from Bremen 6 hours before my plane leaves to Tampere in Finland. And so I will try to take you through some events quickly.

Berlin Beach Camp: The reunion

In June I wrote to you about Berlin Beach Camp, Europe's biggest CS meet, and as is often the case, some of the people were so awesome I had to come back and hit them hard on the head with a blunt, sorry, soft object.

"Für die Niederlande, verdammter Deutscher!"

I went to meet Oeyvind, Ivan and Ingre for a little reunion, and it just happened to be International pillowfight day, and it went los at the Reichstag. I also lost my wallet in a bar, and shit was basically right down ANNOYING. But hey I got home alright WITH a visit to Ulf and Mailys (Courtesy of these awesome erasmus students, who dropped me off in Köln) , the former of which had just moved to a place that basically put the Kölner Dom in his backyard. Seeing them is just what I needed since I could count on them to host me AND I went out to dinner with them to Vapiano!

Shit yeah

More Pictures of this

Also I had four awesome CouchSurfers who all managed to find a place right before I left.

Christine in some of my getup for the Murder Mystery

Now I'm wrapping this up so I can get maybe one or two hours of sleep!

Look out for the next blog post!