Monday, December 7, 2009

The worst 4 beers of your life, or How I Fucked Up The Arrival of The Saint

The old horny man Sinterklaas was about to come to our country again, so what did that mean? weeks of preparing the biggest yearly CS meet of The Netherlands : CSinterklaas. It doesn't beat Midsummernight, but then, Rotterdam doesn't have the weather for them like Utrecht does with their time of year.

The Sinterklaas meeting is always a great event with people from nearby countries taking Rotterdam by storm, and of course filling local couchsurfers' couches. It all starts innocently enough on the Friday where the main party is the speed dating mee... wait, that doesn't sound very innocent.

Alright, it IS innocent, it's a bit of a joke on the "CS is not a dating site" motto going around, but as my friend Ben said, that regardless of the joke: "So many people are going to hook up", which sounds like it definitely wouldn't be entirely untrue. Presented by Carel & the speed dating bitches (Damn, I'd buy music by a band with that name.) we were all given cards with suggestive questions on them, and when the other person answered them we'd get to write something related to that answer on their back for everyone to read, and mostly for yourself to read at the end of the night, especially if you're very self-absorbed.

After that, all the men spend half the night finding out who wrote "He is definitely gay" on their backs, because god forbid someone realizes the truth.

Carel, master of the speed date

The next day I woke up in between Katya and Golnar, two lovely ladies from respectively russia, and Iran. Was I in heaven? No, but it was pretty close, I was at Nicolas' place once again, and he'd arranged this dream setup. Ok, he hadn't, the universe just naturally puts me in between awesome people. Especially with Golnar I had some great conversations.

Here start the problems.

I blame all my problems on this man! PIERRE! Ok, no I don't. He was simply an overseer of my crimes. It was with Pierre that I got drunk on the afternoon that I was supposed to perform my masterpiece as "narrator-piet" on stage. Unfortunately I had hardly had anything to eat in one and a half days, so a few hours and 4 Karmeliet later, it was rehearsal time and I was MESSED UP.It wasn't much better at performance time, I fear. Conclusion: I am now known to a large portion of the crowd as Drunk Piet.

Drunk Piet in action

After my terrible failing though we had a generaly awesome time, especially after I sobered up. (The barman did get annoyed with my coming back for glasses of water, mind you and everyone thought I was still drunk)

I woke up for a lovely brunch NOT at the actual brunch location and a LOT of muscle aches from 7 hours of dancing. This was followed by the board games meeting, where I got to know some of the people I had entertained with my drunkenness a little better for maximum embarrassment.

I also found out that my most awesome brainchild "Sean Connery: The Card game" had been created by Jasper, and it must have been the best moment of the weekend when (almost) every card had Sean Connery on it!

Fucking Badass

I will try to keep you up to date as tomorrow I leave to Brussels to catch my flight to Romania, from where I'll be hitchhiking practically everywhere, followed straight by a trip to Madrid. and in Februari Finland.

later, homeskillets!

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