Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Who needs the skies? Burn them, I say

Planes are the refuge of the weak! Especially when you miss your flight because you thought the arrival time was the departure time.

I had hitchhiked a day before the flight left, to lovely Brussels, where my ex's friend Irina gave me a little tour of the center, but all was for nought (Except that Brussels is pretty awesome) because the next day came back to her place disappointed to have missed my flight. I had arranged two free weeks from work, though, so I'd be damned if I was just going home.

I called up my friend in Paris, to see if I should drop by for a visit, but she just happened to be in Cologne with Ulf. But hey, why not go there, right? They invited me, and so from Brussels it was a quick half-day hitch to that city with the Dom. I spent a few days hanging out with them and some awesome local CouchSurfers, like these:

Linh and Pete

After this I realised I was basically in the right direction for Bucharest anyway, so I thought I could hitchhike there and take the plane back. I was extremely lucky and found a Romanian truck at the rest stop I started at in Cologne. They were willing to take me all the way to 100 kilometres outside of Bucharest, but instead decided to get out in Budapest and hang out with Adri there, and attend the erasmus party she was helping organise, and be shown around the city a bit.

Me, Kinga, some guy, and Adri

From Budapest I planned to hitchhike to Arad over Szeged and pay for a train to Bucharest from there, but unfortunately the rides just weren't coming. I finally got in a car with Andras and his awesome family who offered me a bed, a breakfast and all the info I needed to get on the train to Bucharest form there the next morning.

In Bucharest I had a great host or the whole week of the 2 weeks that were left by now. Oana had a breakfast for me every morning and took great care of me. The week would have been kind of lame, though if not for all the amazing surfers I met. The city is not exactly beautiful, perhaps even ugly, but the people more than make up for it.

The best part was this amazing tea place that I was shown by Monica. Unfortunately I had left My charger in Budapest so I don't have any pictures of this amazing place.

Tune in next time to see if I catch my flight back!

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