Friday, December 4, 2009

South is almost the same as North.

Yes, yes I did. Cliff-hanger over. I did make the plane. I even got to jump into a taxi, slam the door shut and shout "TO THE AIRPORT!" whilst pointing my finger in a direction that in my imagination was definitely where the aiport must be. Unfortunately in Romania, though, the drivers own the cars they drive, so he didn't appreciate my slamming so much.

After picking up my tiny-sized boarding pass, I was on my way home. Wait, no, I was on my way to Charleroi, but when you're an experienced hitchhiker 250 kilometers away from home, is pretty much "home" or at least compared to the 1800 kilometers or so away I had been two hours ago. So I hitch-hiked home only to realise I was now in Paris. What?

Alright, to be fair, I did at some point realise I was on my way there. A gas station on my mam no longer existed, and now I could choose, I was going to be in the middle of Brussels, or on the road to Gent, which did more or less lead North. On the way there someone was willing to bring me to the gas station at Nazareth, saying that. "Oh there's a bridge there where you would be able to get to the other side"


I got to Paris, called up my friend Mailys, and thus spent a day and a half hanging around Paris and generally having a good time being rescued by mailys. However, when I thought rest was imminent and I could sit at home for a bit, I got an alarming message from my housemate asking me if I didn't forget about the fact that I'd promised to hitch-hike to Poland with her.

So I got back from Paris for exactly one day, before setting out on a 23 hour hitch-hiking trip to Warsaw. I went from 20 degrees in Romania, to 0 in Poland in 4 days, but at least the rides were good. a Halloween party in Warsaw, then a hitchhike down to dabrowa gornicza for my housemates ancestral home, and finally a day in beautiful Wroclaw, where I met up with my host from last time kruczu, and we got hosted by the sweetest couchsurfer, who got up extra early to make us breakfast and show us to the free bus to our hitch-hiking spot. Aleksandra was recommended to us by yet another former host of mine, whom unfortunately couldn't join us.

From Wroclaw we managed to make it to Nijmegen, where we took the train, because hitch-hiking at night may work fine in Poland, it's a bit tougher in the Netherlands.

Now that we're almost caught up, tune in next time for a post on last week's Sinterklaas meet, which is the Netherlands' biggest CS meet!

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