Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Czech sandwhich

For potential visitors through Radio Netherlands Worldwide (ha, yeah right)

Rekening houdend met de zeer kleine kans dat er mensen zijn die hier terecht komen via de paar artikelen op de Nederlandse wereldomroep moet ik melden dat de gebeurtenissen in deze post gedeeltelijk reeds behandeld zijn op

What does a Czech sandwich look like? It's two slices of delicious visits to the Czech republic with a slice of Denmark in between, and a sauce of tasty hitchhiking.

When I decided I needed to travel, I looked at a map of Europe, drew an imaginary circle on the map and concluded that two good places I could get to in one day's hitchhike were Prague in the Czech republic and Odense in Denmark. Of course I couldn't settle for choosing, but I had to at least choose which one to visit first. I sent a message to Anna, because a few months earlier I had had an amazing time with her, her two friends from the Czech republic and one from Hungary, when they had all been studying in Gent for a while and decided to visit The Netherlands before going home.

Me, Anna, Marcela, and in spirit, Adri.

First I had a few days discovering Prague, seeing all the typical sights, and attending a fun CouchSurfing meet at a nice restaurant, after which I also saw Prague by night.
The next couple of days I spend in the lovely countryside in Anna's family's city of Decin. A jazz concert at a camp in the middle of nowhere and some great hiking through the mountains ensured that here too, I had a great time. Anna's family, especially her mother Dana did everything to make me feel welcome, and I even got to stay in their summerhouse on the edge of town, where I had the whole house to myself, dog included!
After saying goodbye I got home to receiving a LOT of couchsurfers. Tim and Tom, from the UK, stayed a while before they found their appartment in Leiden and are now, together with some other friends that moved over " The Leiden Rock Company" with their bands "Hyperbowl" "The Sex Pests" and "John Law & The Lawlords". There was Anna, an exchange student from Poland whom has since become my flatmate, Khristian from Hungary, a record label owner, electronic musician and DJ, Himali, an Austrian/Sri Lankan exchange student and briefly Ilaria, Roberto and Silvia. Tom was officially my 100th couchsurfer and as such got a T-shirt saying "I was Tommy's 100th couchsurfer and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."

And as 4 of them were left at my place, it was already time to set out to Denmark. Again I had no problem reaching my destination in one day, and what I found was a lovely city full of inviting CouchSurfers. I was welcomed by Niels, who was the one that suggested Odense as the place to go, since I'd posted in the Denmark group to ask which places besides the capital were good for visiting.

The next day I was hosted by Stefan. Stefan and his wife Tamar invited me to the party their student community was having, and it was so much fun with great local ale (one of the students was the daughter of a local beer brewer.) and home made sangria.

Another day, another party, in Odense it turned out, as Rasmus, a local active CouchSurfer gave his yearly party at his parents' greenhouse. One of his family members owned a bar that was closing so there large amounts of liquor this time and everyone cooked some of their specialties, so there was a crazy amount of good food too. Some people have all the luck!

Van CouchSurfing 2
A video of our "glideban" in Odense

Four nights, two parties and a lot of amazing encounters later I hitchhiked back to the Netherlands and got a ride from just across the bridge in Denmark all the way to Groningen and got home in three rides this way.

When I found out that CzechSurfing was already in the second week of September, I once again rushed over there, to attend and once again had the time of my life. Great people, tasty liquor, Kofola, and fun people. One of the highlights was winning the very useful inflatable couch at the main night's Karaoke competition!

Showmanship won us the couch singing Radiohead's "Creep"

I will catch up on the rest of our lost past in some more posts soon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

5 months filled with all sorts of stuff

Hey guys, it's been a while. Since the last update I've been (in chronological) order to

The Czech republic
The Czech republic again

I've also had loads of surfers and made great new friends, and as soon as the new place Ive moved to has internet you will all be updated about all these things!