Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Past Months: Part 4: The magnificent story of the 5 Cherry bisons (UPDATED: Pictures from Wroclaw)

So, as I was trying to write last time: "Poland, land of savages!"

Ok, so not quite. My Hitchhiking partner and host in Warsaw, Asia (not to be confused with the continent) was actually an extremely gentle soul, who helped me in every way possible, even though she had to take care of her little niece!
The Hitchhike went really well, it took us a while to get to our good gas station at Berlin, but from there we made it to Warsaw in only two rides, one to the border, and one from the border to Warsaw. Turns out border stations are pretty good for hitchhiking in Poland.

I only spent two days in Warsaw, and it really is a lovely city. It was also the first time I encountered the people on the street selling a kilo of strawberries for the equivalent of 88 euro cents.

I soon found out that the Polish currency (złoty) was at such a level that I could behave the exact opposite way I could in Norway: I was a king. And as a king, I was of course pre-destined my God, which is why I was not surprised to find that the day after my arrival there was an awesome Warsaw CouchSurfing meeting going on, at a place with a happy hour (read, half a liter of beer for about one eure ten) and very affordable pizza, but most of all, really fun CouchSurfers.

Not only was I served with this meeting but it was arranged that the afternoon before the meeting I could hang out with the organiser łukasz and his friend Ania.

łukasz, laura and myself

Sadly enough I had more places to go and so I set out for Wroclaw, alone this time, no-one there to translate things to something I could understand. The hike started out really badly. I was at the road for three hours, before I decided to walk a bit, when after a mere two minutes I encountered two other hitchhikers. One of the merry travelers was very experienced, spoke Polish AND was going my way. My kingly status had saved me again. after sitting down with my trusty guitar for two minutes we got our first of three rides that would get us to Wroclaw!

In Wroclaw I was picked up by my first host Maciek, and I was lucky enough to arrive early enough to go out and see some of the things that my Polish sister Marta, who is from there suggested. Hidden gnomes, a great pub, and good food for no money awaited me. I would show you some pictures, but alas, I don't have them back from Maciek yet.

After a night at Maciek, I stayed two nights at yet another extremely fun CouchSurfer named Marcin. I have to say, both of my hosts were top notch, and we all went out together, and I finally learned the magic of drinking some good wodka. My two favorites most be Wishnuwka, a cherry wodka with a strong sweet taste, and Zubrowka, the well known "bison grass wodka". I had an amazing night on the town with them and some friends.

It was almost time to leave, but not until I'd set up my own CouchSurfing meeting. So I organized a meeting related to a cultural festival by the name of "podwodny wroclaw" (wroclaw under water) and here I met, to great surprise a couchsurfer that had made me food in the morning many months before that: Tomek! The world really is such a small place.

Because I don't have the photos yet, I leave you with a photo of one of the mst beautiful things I've seen in Poland: Ostrow Tumski
Unfortunately I didn't take the picture, but I assure you, it is this pretty.

Ostrow Tumski


Now that I have the photos in that my host Maciek made I present you with one of them, and a link to the rest of them:

The main square of Wroclaw

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