Sunday, June 14, 2009

The past two months, Part 2: Of runners and beaches.

Of Runners...

I like running. I can run a full five minutes before I am out of breath. I'm practically an athlete. If I ran the full five minutes every day for two months, why, I might make it all the way to the Hague! Some of us however, can run for hours. Hours? Hours. Like Ryan. Ryan Johns. You've never heard of him? Man, go take a hike, or a run. Just go run all the way from Amsterdam to Athens like Ryan. Ryan Johns. This dude surfed my couch for a night a while back. Just check out his blog. It's much more interesting than this one.But hey! Come back when you're done. I went on a trip too! Hitchhiking, partying! Excitement! I promise.

The man himself

Of Beaches...

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is the national publicly funded broadcaster of the United Kingdom, it's also a boatload of other things, if you'll look at the Wikipedia disambiguation page. One thing you will not find on this list is Berlin Beach Camp, pretty much the biggest thing to happen to CouchSurfing (and other hospitality networks) in Europe every year. And this year I finally got to be there. Intrigue as I use the only real sentences I know in Polish to amuse and ashame those around me. Drama, as I play the only 2-chord song I know on the guitar. And action, well, let's just say there were lots of tents, and some of them were a-rockin'.

Here's an actual quote from someone who shall not be named. "Yeah, I made up last year for this year, because last year I had three." Now, granted, the man in question might have been discussing the number of popsicles he consumed, but something in the hand gestures he made and the grin on his face made me suspect otherwise.

All this aside, it was a hell of time with great music , campfires, hikes, tours of Berlin, and swimming. Also the dreadful concept known as "ahoj".

I imagine I was eating something

You know what's not that far from Berlin? The frontier of the wild. That's right. Poland, land of MADMEN!

Stay tuned for
part 3: Schnitzelkoenig Sollbruch and
part 4: The magnificent story of the 5 Cherry bisons.

The past 2 months, Part 1 : More of Norway

So, my friend, you and I have a lot of catching up to do. That is to say, you have a lot of catching up to do, and I'm going to provide you with all the information you need to do so!

I start off with a hint of DANGER!

That's right: rickety bridges with holes in them that could fail at any moment, leaving me to fall to my death a full meter below! On the other side? My daredevil host: Christian. I spent a fair week with him in Bergen, where one of the things he showed me was the way up Ulriken, the biggest of the 6 small mountains that surround bergen. I went on to Oslo with my neat 199 NOK minipris ticket, but didn't see much as I only spent a day and a half there. I hadn't even found a host, but luckily my friend Kjerstin's father was willing to put me up for a night. The evening after I took a bus for 140 NOK to Larvik, where I spent a few nights with my ex-girlfriend Christin, before flying home.

More pictures of this

Stay tuned for Part 2: Of Runners and Sands