Saturday, April 11, 2009

KitchenSurfing, and surfers from Israel, Turkey and France!

Last week I followed up someones, let's use the word "recommendation", to join the Kitchensurfing meeting in Rotterdam, which pretty much comes down to a few CouchSurfers cooking there specialties for a whole other bunch of us and general fun times conversing, and hanging out.

Host to this kitchensurfing was Giorgio, an Italian with an appartment with an extremely beautiful view over some of Rotterdam's port. Chefs du jour were Kirstin, Giorgio himself, and Birgit. Especially Kirstin's main course, although turning out quite different from what it was originally intended to be, was extremely tasty. Giorgio's spinach pastry like dish was also quite pleasant to the taste. Birgit's Austrian desert failed a bit, but through no fault of her own: People insisted that it would work in the microwave, which it didn't.

In the end, the atmosphere, view and food made it an awesome experience, that I definitely want to repeat some time.

Chefs Kirstin and Giorgio hard at work

Next, my Couch is in high demand this weekend, I'm guessing because of easter. As a matter of fact, if I had said yes to everyone who requested my couch for this Saturday, I would have had 10 people sleeping here. unfortunately I only have room for 4 (or 5 in special circumstances), but if I could have, I would have taken them all in.

However, the group of four that requested my couch, I could host them last night, so of course I did. They were a great group of globetrotters that had originally all met in the U.S. Two of them were from Paris, and the other two from Turkey. So now I have 20 Turkish lira and a tiny wooden ladybug on my CouchSurfing Wall. Also added was the baerensiegel from the bag of Mainz-local gummies that Martin (see last post) gave me.

L2R:Askin, Nora, me, Jeanne, Mezut

Before all that, I had another awesome surfer: Elisha, from Israel. One of the best things about this was that he got me to finally pick up my guitar and tought me some basics, so I can now practice by myself, and maybe play a song or two eventually. I don't have any pictures, but I do have a very dark video of him performing an Isreali song! You'll have to turn the volume on your computers and speakers all the way up, though, because the microphone on my camera sucks!

Van CouchSurfing 2


ploenk said...

Wow, busy busy :) Send your surfers to me, I never get requests! During week days I have enough time to host them, that would be gezellig :)

Tommy Quist said...

Yeah, but the biggest thing was a group of 4 who actually ended up staying in a Hotel in Utrecht! They said they couldn't find anyone to host as many as four.