Sunday, April 5, 2009

Full House

For the third time in my CouchSurfing time did I have an official full house. That is to say, when I reach the amount of people that my profile says I can host or more, do I have full house. That number currently stands at 4 and that's the amount of people that I hosted last night. It started with Martin from Frankfurt and Katherina (or spelled similarly) from Cologne. We were supposed to attend the pillowfight (for international pillowfight day) in Amsterdam, but we arrived way too late. For good measure I beat up Katherine a bit regardless.

Next, 4 surfers that I knew/met at the Rotterdam meeting came over for a day in Leiden, and we had an amazing time. First we all had a great dinner at Eazie Wok. Next we got to see the city,and then at Jazzcafe the duke the band playing, "The tone dogs", were really amazing!

L2R: Liang, Mirjam, Emilia, Victor

More pictures of these events

PS The post below has been updated to include the new CS wall items.


Anonymous said...

That's MY pillowcase!

Tenure said...

I don't get how you do it! I'm terrible with people and hosting and socialising and adventuring and everything. :P

Could you do a post on how you prepare for couch-surfing, like, what is your general attitude and approach for maximum-fun!

Victor said...

Great band! Come look at my blog sometime. ;)