Monday, April 27, 2009

6 surfers, 2 trips to Keukenhof and My first days in/before Norway!

Well, a lot has happened since last time I contacted you, world, so let's get down to it. First I was visited by two Taiwanese CouchSurfers that are currently studying in Bonn, Germany, so a bunch of German was spoken inbetween the English, and I learned to say Jordan's famous sentence (Il y a trop de chinois) in Mandarin, being something along the lines of "Hao doh zhongo run o". I went to the Keukenhof for the first time with them, to see what all the fuss was about, and even though it's quite pretty, it's hardly worth the 13,50!

Gotta love them flowers, I guess

Now the title does say 6 CouchSurfers, so yeah, for the second time in a short period, I had full house again. Three Czech erasmus students and their Bulgarian Hungarian warrior friend (I do like to switch the two around) graced my couches and matresses and it was super fun hanging out with them, seeing things, and generally making fun.

L2R: Me, Eva, Marcela, Adri, Anna (Jefferson, Morgan, Sanders and McGraw - not in that order)

Something I haven't taken any pictures of was the trial of Jasper's new card game: Pergamon. Though the game is probably going to take a few revisions to play a bit more fluently, it has a very neat idea behind it, involving the excavation of treasures, and stealing them from eachother. It was a neat night.

Now, those of you that paid attention will also notice a second trip to Keukenhof. This is because not long after my first trip The Leiden CS community was doing it's yearly bicycle trip there. So I set my alarm early the night after Pergamon, got on my newly bought second bike (named Jaklin Charlotte) and was on my way. Even though they'd manage to get a neat half price deal for us, it wasn't really worth seeing it again so soon. Deb didn't think it was worth it either so we set out on our own little bike trip to the beach, only to meet up with the rest of the crew at the teylingen ruins later.

Good weather at the ruins

More pictures related to this

Then there's me doing some real travelling again. A few months ago I bought my ridiculously cheap ticket to Norway for 22 euros each way, followed by some traintickets cross country (to Bergen and Oslo) and so last week I left for Bedburg-Hau in Germany, a city about an hour's bike ride from my departing airport, Weeze. There I was welcomed for two nights, by Jaron, a really awesome and friendly CouchSurfer, and his friends. We had some drinks and music by the rhine, and I saw the cute city of Kleve, which was about 10 minutes biking.

"Yup, that's a fire, alright"

From there, I left ealy in the morning to the airport, when a few kilometres from the airport, inside the town of Weeze, this happened to my bike:

My poor penelope broke an arm! Luckily she still managed to get me to the airport in time, but I'll have to have her fixed when I get back.

Upon arrival in Sandefjord, where all sorts of weird things had happened to my hosts, I was hosted by the awesome Hans-Morten and his family. I was lucky in terms of hosts once again, because Hans-Morten is a really clever man, something he seems to have passed on to his three children, if they didn't get it from his wife, who not only had a good head on her shoulders like he does, but who welcomed me in his stead when he was out as I arrived.

My hosts, only slightly unprepared for the photo

I took the train to Bergen this morning, and I will be reporting more when I get the chance, which might not be until I'm back home. In the mean time, happy surfings!

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Victor said...

That sucks about your bike. But, dude, you didn't write about the most interesting thing that happened to you in the past weeks. ;)