Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rotterdam Weekly/Delft Monthly/ Utrecht Spanish meeting

I'm not really going to blog about every meeting I go to anymore, since there are only so many times you can write a blog about the same weekly meeting, but here is my account of three meetings I went to three days in a row. Last week there was the weekly Rotterdam meeting on Tuesday, which was great, especially because of a really funny guy from Hong Kong. Then next day was the first time I actually ventured into Delft (I'd been at the trainstation getting into a car to transport a couch once, but that's it.) and found myself welcomed at the Delft monthly meeting, where I finally got to tell Lukas about how my hitchhiking trip (as he'd been a valuable source of information on hitchhiking). Finally I decided that since I'm taking spanish as an elective it would be neat to show up for one of the spanish speaking meetings they have in utrecht, and I promised Tim once I'd attend one many many months ago.

A bunch of us at the Delft Monthly

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