Sunday, March 29, 2009

Leiden March Monthly\ lots of couchsurfers

March's Monthly was a big success with over 20 people showing up to create a great atmosphere. This included my two surfers, Alex from Colorado, and Emilia from Finland (currently au pairing in Dordrecht though) It's pretty much proven that De linkse kerk is a great place for our meetings. The staff is friendly, we're easy to find because we take over the whole pub, they sell tasty drinks and there is free internet.

My camera was set to a weird setting but this is the meet

More pictures of the meet

It was quite the busy week for me in terms of couchsurfers aswell, because before Alex and Emilia, there were Christopher and his friend, who was taking a final trip before returning to the us after more than a year
Christopher had just had a blue slushie

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Tenure said...

Is that Leffe brune I a-spy there, in the blue-tongued man's hand?