Friday, January 16, 2009

Sinterklaas meeting!

Man, so the Sinterklaas meeting was huge and a lot of stuff went my way this meeting. We started out with a great welcome dinner at "Cambrinus" which was quite full, with some good food and drinks and great people.

A picture at cambrinus centered around one of Rotterdam's city ambassadors Paul
More pictures of the welcome dinner submeeting

Next we had to pretty much rush to the Speed Dating meeting just to get there in time. The speed dating meeting wasn't so much dating as it was just a fun and playful way to get to know other surfers. We all got an A4 paper on our back and a card with a question on it. You found a surfer (generally of the opposite sex) and asked them the question, then you'd draw/write something relating to their answer on the paper on their back, of course resulting in relatively hilarious comments. You then switched question cards. At the end of the night it was really fun to read the silly drawings and comments on your back.

Menno (one of Amsterdam's City Ambassadors) and what appears to be his harem
More pictures of the speed dating submeeting

And finally there was the main meeting at "De Unie" where first Sinterklaas' daughter showed up, followed by some black piets, one of which was me (in orange) again an event I didn't take pictures of because, first I was too busy being in costume and changing out of it, then later enjoying the party. But again it's CS Rotterdam's flickr to the rescue with this set of photos.

Me and Jonas (I still look a bit weird, after all the blackface from being a Black Piet)

Next up, quite early, there was a really tasty brunch at "Dudok" that I didn't take any pictures of myself, but I did, after looking around found that this flickr set does contain some. including one that has me in it.

And finally after that there was the "(boared) games meeting" headed by Tara, who can also be seen in the picture above. We had some trouble because the pub we wanted to do it at was actually booked, but we scooted over to Rotown instead.
We had a lot of fun playing games like Settlers of Catan, Set, Jungle Speed, and so on.
It was a great end to a great weekend!

Benedicte is obviously very happy she's ruling Catan

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