Saturday, January 17, 2009

Antwerpen "Kick Off" the new year

I arrived just in time, after riding through some amazing landscapes, for the Antwerpen "Kick Off" 's submeeting "Saturday - Treasure–hunt", unfortunately my leg was a bit messed up so it was a bit less pleasant than it could have been, but it was still really awesome getting to see Antwerpen a bit, and hanging out with fellow surfers.

Beautiful winter landscape around Kalmthout, in Belgium, on my way to Antwerpen

After the trip around the city there was a big Christmastree bonfire, with a few stands selling gluhwein, pancakes, and some other stuff, some of which I would deem edible.

Christmas trees burning brightly

Then after all this it was time for the main party, which was moderately fun, and I saw a lot of neat people there, and made some my loyal subjects.

Marie-Line is my loyal subject
Finally, quite late, I made it to my surfer's place with fellow surfers Benedicte, Amir, and Philippe. I ended up staying with Nelli for 3 nights and it was complete awesomeness, she made me feel so welcome, took care of my broken lips, and cooked me/us delicious Гречиха (boekweitgrutten).

L2R: Benedicte, Me, Phillipe, Amir

There was also a brunch on Sunday, but since we were all to busy having a blast at Nelli's, I was too late, and there wasn't much going on there because everyone was tired from the night before. Here's a picture nonetheless though:

After all this, On Tuesday I made it back to Roosendaal with my bike and I've been pretty much relaxing eversince.

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