Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back from Paris!

So last post I was leaving for Paris with my surfers, and now I'm back and I've had an AMAAAAAAAAZING time! First my surfers dropped me up right outside my host (after a really long drive with stops in Rotterdam and Brussels) , Antoine, and I had a very touching goodbye with them. (aaaaaawwww) but I really hope opportunity will strike to meet them again. Next I had a great evening with my host, aswell as my fellow Surfer Stephanie, playing pool against Antoines friend Remi, and his surfer Matt.

Antoine's kicking ass and taking names.

The next day Stephanie was a great help navigating the labyrinth that is the public transportation of Ile-de-France, and was a great travelmate, seeing Versailles together was great fun.

Me groping a statue at Versailles

Then on Friday evening I met up with Jordan who is still missed greatly in the Leiden community and met my host Jerome, whom Jordan recommended, because he was situated in actual Paris, instead of one of the suburbs. Then a few hours a later a bunch of us went out and I got to meet Antoine and Stephanie again, aswell!

Left to right: Jerome, Vincent, Jordan
What followed were a few days of sightseeing and great fun with Jordan and the gang, before very coincidentally Xavier was in Paris to fix up his car, so I could get a ride back to Leiden with him.

For more pictures see this PicasaWeb Album.

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