Friday, October 31, 2008

Paris movies uploaded!

So I got the movies from Paris uploaded. Here's one of them. For more, start here.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Out of Sight, not out of mind. (UPDATED!)

So you guys haven't heard from me in a while, which is mostly because I've been kinda busy. I've also been to some meetings, but because most of the time I didn't bring my camera, I didn't bother writing any posts. The main thing that happened is that our weekly meetings have started to get smaller. Because of this I'm considering changing the format of the meetings. The times, location, day of the week, or even frequency of the meetings may change to promote attendance. Also I promise a picture of one of the few times I brought a camera, which was when I went with some other people to help out Sanne by being her guinea pig in her Master research.

Oh, also my Couch is on a break until I have my "P".


Jonas and Sanne:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back from Paris!

So last post I was leaving for Paris with my surfers, and now I'm back and I've had an AMAAAAAAAAZING time! First my surfers dropped me up right outside my host (after a really long drive with stops in Rotterdam and Brussels) , Antoine, and I had a very touching goodbye with them. (aaaaaawwww) but I really hope opportunity will strike to meet them again. Next I had a great evening with my host, aswell as my fellow Surfer Stephanie, playing pool against Antoines friend Remi, and his surfer Matt.

Antoine's kicking ass and taking names.

The next day Stephanie was a great help navigating the labyrinth that is the public transportation of Ile-de-France, and was a great travelmate, seeing Versailles together was great fun.

Me groping a statue at Versailles

Then on Friday evening I met up with Jordan who is still missed greatly in the Leiden community and met my host Jerome, whom Jordan recommended, because he was situated in actual Paris, instead of one of the suburbs. Then a few hours a later a bunch of us went out and I got to meet Antoine and Stephanie again, aswell!

Left to right: Jerome, Vincent, Jordan
What followed were a few days of sightseeing and great fun with Jordan and the gang, before very coincidentally Xavier was in Paris to fix up his car, so I could get a ride back to Leiden with him.

For more pictures see this PicasaWeb Album.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Surfers, also LEAVING FOR PARIS!

On Monday my surfers Nora and her two daughters, Susan and Jennifer, arrived into my humble abode and I've been having so much fun with them ever since they got here, they cooked me some great food, and we went to Scheveningen. And now tomorrow morning (Thursday) I'm driving with them to Paris for a really big adventure!

(This is in my housemates room where we all ate together)
Left to right: Jennifer, Susan, Nora, Marcella(back) Floris

for more pictures of my surfers, click here.

Leiden Weekly meeting, Dancing on the tables!

So a Leiden weekly meeting that started very slow turned very awesome! People started dancing on the table and loads of surfers followed! I was afraid I would not be able to fill Jordan's shoes as an organizer (and really I'll never be as good at it as him) but I think we did quite alright this week!

Left to Right: Me (Tommy), Pamela, Livia, Agnes

For more pictures of this event, click here.

Amsterdam Weekly meeting

So the Amsterdam meeting had it's first time in their new location "Batavia" in the street just left when you exit the trainstation there, where they have their own room and a 10% discount on beers, all of which is really awesome! Some of my favorite people were there! Rose, Liza, Jasper, Aldo, Paul, and many others! Here's a great pic of Jasper and Liza

For more pics of this event , click here.

Amersfoort Meeting!

On Friday I went to the first ever Monthly Amersfoort meeting, but only for a little over an hour, because I also wanted to see the new location for Amsterdam's weekly meetings, I saw about 10 people, whom all seemed friendly, but Laura told me in the end as many as 20 showed up, which isn't bad.

Leiden ontzet: Hutspot meeting

Last Thursday we had the Leiden Hutspot meeting where everyone had a good amount of Hutspot, and some alcohol, and then roamed the streets of Leiden. I left relatively early because I was tired and I'm more of an inside-party-man, but it was good seeing all these couchsurfers that I didn't know yet, and a few that I did!

For more pictures of this go here.


So I bought a new bike last week, and then this weekend it got stolen... but before that I had at least some nice travels with it, of which my last stop was in "Boskoop" where I took this picture...
It was pretty sweet.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rotterdam Weekly Meeting

Just like this week's Leiden weekly meeting the Rotterdam meeting was a bit smaller in volume. Personally, I blame the weather which has been crap these days. Also my camera was out of batteries after only one (flashless, blurry) photo, so you'll have to make do with that.

Emilia, in Simon's awesome hat.

Leiden Weekly meeting

And Monday it was time for another Leiden Weekly meeting. We were a small group this time. I saw Cuca, Rafael (or is that Raphael) Lorraine and Thomas, Brendan and Carolyn, Jonas, and some new faces. A bunch of us went down to "De Bonte Koe" after happy hour, where it was a bit more calm.

Rafael, Joanna, and... a difficult name.

Casino Roleplaying night

Last Saturday I went to what I think may be the funnest CouchSurfing meeting I've been to since the Midsummernight meeting. It was a huge roleplaying game set in a casino, and everyone dressed the part! I was "Lord James T. Burke, international playboy" and no-one knew that I was secretly out of money. That was nothing compared to all the thieves, spies and secret agents everyone else turned out to be, though.

For more images of this event check out Tim's flickr slideshow of it.

Utrecht Monthly Meeting

The Utrecht Monthly meeting last Friday was another great meeting. Had some good talks, and made some friends, and tried to arrange some more people for the Casino Roleplying night. Afterwards I CouchSurfed at Analouise's who apparently is quite the musician! I didn't get to hear her play any music, but I did see a really awesome picture of her and her sax!

Richard is so photogenic. (To the left Eveline)