Monday, September 22, 2008

Friday Amsterdam Meetup/Monty Python meetup/New surfers

Wow, so much has happened these past few days, I haven't really had time to write any blog posts, so I'll have to write kind of a 4-in-1 blog here. I'll go in reverse chronological order, since that would coincide with the way posts show up right now.

New CouchSurfing Wall item

I just added a new item to the CouchSurfing wall. These are two eyes that were ripped somewhere off posters at a festival, and they look really awesome, give a very bizarre touch to the wall. I've also added a picture that I forgot before of the first style one dollar bill that graces my wall.

New CouchSurfers and cooking

Two days ago four CouchSurfers from all around arrived: Lio and Amit from Israel, Jonas from Germany, and Gael from Canada. All good folk, since I left them alone in my room for a night while I was in Utrecht sleeping over after the Monty Python meeting (more about that below).

We cooked a good meal together and I didn't even have to do the dishes!
left to right: Me, Jonas, Gael, Amit, Lio
For more pictures of this click here and just move forward through the album.

Monty Python Meeting

On Saturday I was at the Monty Python meeting, which was loads of fun. We had all made sure to note our favorite sketch out of Monty Python's flying Circus, and we went by all the favorites. We ended up voting afterwards. I think in the end "The argument clinic won most votes, but I don't really remember. The re-enactments were really fun to do, and watch.

At the end we also watched The Holy Grail, and I stayed over at Jasper and Liza's where the meeting was held.

Here Floris decided to dress as the idiot in rural society.
To see more pictures of this event start here.

Amsterdam Weekly Meetup

For only the second time in the history of CouchSurfing, did I decide to attend the Amsterdam Weekly meeting. The meeting was heald in a small pub called "d'Oude herberg" and there was a really great atmosphere. It's actually a temporary meeting place, because they're moving to the new meeting location on October 3rd, so I'll definitely have to be there for that.

I met some cool Swedish guys, some more Frenchies, and some Polish girls, and of course our very own Amsterdam situated country ambassador, Rose, was there, which is where I decided t o surf for the night. I got a really comfortable two person couchbed, too.

The Swedish guys... the one on the right is nicknamed "Walle" and I forgot what the dude on th e left is called.
To see more of this meeting start here.

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